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The girl plucks her eyes out at 18 and swallows them down with a metal spoon. It nicks her throat and tinges her words red in a way that frightens people and when they ask why it does not heal she says, “The price of truly seeing yourself is never being able to hide at all.
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Secrets get whispered at the sky every night
Even by ten year olds who don’t really believe
Because when you trace your own constellations
Your hearts bound to seep out your eyes and past your lips
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the smell of ozone at the aquarium
The heat makes the air crackle like dried leaves in your lungs as we stare at aquamarine turning to midnight blue. I wonder why water looks blue, if it's the sky reflecting off the water or the water reflecting off the sky.
Tell me, do you think it was the chicken or the egg that came first?
The ripples reflected on your face are distorted by the sheen of sweat and your snow cone melts slowly in my hand. Drip.Drop. Water both evaporates and condenses, constantly in flux.
The ice caps are melting slowly, but not always, sometimes they break themselves apart.
Your eyes linger- a puffer fish, a yellow green eel- as I push you past each tank with their signs showing off the life inside. I wonder what you see in them with your body full of limitations, covered in fine print. I wonder what they think of us with lives measured by the volume of water held in a tank.
There are 16,928 endangered species. 905 have gone extinct.
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Upside-down Philosophies
There's a girl standing upside-down on her philosophies thinking about Hamlet and Horatio and more things in life. She would ask "like what?" but all that blood rushing to her head popped the aneurism that came with the answer.
:icondandiliondrifter:dandiliondrifter 4 3
The convoluted twisting of time as everything unravels
What is this?
A simple question that can stop a heart and reveal the murkiness of the water
An easy twitch of muscles taking less effort than a frown but carrying more agony
This is cold and hard the muted steps apart on a carpeted floor avoiding any evidence
The effort of strangled ignorance when smiles mean nothing and questions remain unanswered
The tidy binding of pieces in a swift exhale of breath
Two people sitting across from each other no less broken  
They start with one word
:icondandiliondrifter:dandiliondrifter 2 0
“GET OUT!”  
His words were a shout, practically a scream. I could see the strain of his muscles as he shook. It wasn’t just his muscles; it was every fiber of his being quivering as he recoiled trying to stuff everything inside.
It was barely over a whisper and I felt a bitter laugh escape my lips before squeezing them into a tight line. He froze for a moment, pupils dilated in a rage that matched my own, and began a hailstorm of flying objects and profanities. But I wouldn’t leave, not again, not that same goddamn cycle just so he could rip himself apart from the inside and leave me with an empty shell. I lunged at him trying to pin him down and he writhed and screamed trying to get away as if I burned his skin. I knew better than that because I could help and that was what terrified him. Digging my nails into his wrist I forced him to stay still and spoke with the softest voice I could manage.
And then I felt him shrin
:icondandiliondrifter:dandiliondrifter 6 5
I sit atop of the world
In a garden of oceanic flowers
Born from wishes
Plummeted as wayward stars
And all I see
Is deaths shadow
:icondandiliondrifter:dandiliondrifter 3 6
Beautiful bird wake up
So I can hear your song again
More mystical than
The silent death of stars
I await your return
Through the winding river of light
That mimics the skies above
Back to this barren wasteland
Of the garden we once tended
Beautiful bird
Beautiful bird
I await your song
:icondandiliondrifter:dandiliondrifter 4 5
She gets off the floor. A tangle of sweat and blood woven across her lips, the crisp taste of iron. In the kitchen are the remains of his plate. She cant remember the shatter of glass or slam of the door as he left. She doesn't really care. When the glass is cleared away she picks up an apple. Placing it against her lips she smells but doesn't taste, an empty habit. Instead she goes to the box of pills, a glass of stale water placed nearby. She no longer wonders if he'll poison her. The faint smell of sweat reminds her to shower and in the bathroom she finds the mirror cracked. She cant remember the beating but knows the blood is hers. For some reason the sight causes a flutter in her heart. She strips off her clothes and steps into the shower. The water is far too hot but the tapestry of colored scars and deep bruises are numb. She feels nothing. When she wakes up the waters run cold and she stumbles out of the bath. The fluttering in her heart is worse and it urges her to leave. She
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Little Bird
she was my little bird
crying out
Caroline! Caroline!
into my empty soul
:icondandiliondrifter:dandiliondrifter 5 0
Impossible child
There she is, that child. She digs her fingers into the soil gleefully. Her eyes wide they sparkle and dazzle. Everything is fascinating to her even the cracks and chips in her nails that must surely hurt. Suddenly there is a loud crack and voices in the distance. She runs, clumsily and supposedly for the first time like a deer caught in the hunt. Despite her fear she cant help but feel exhilarated. She laughs at the tickle of cloth against skin and cries at the feel of oxygen pumping through her veins. 'This is freedom' she thinks and knows she could never go back. But like the deer in the hunt the dogs are clever, they wont let her go easily. As she runs she becomes aware that they are herding her. She panics. Her movements become erratic and the need to be free, to see, to touch, to smell overwhelms her. Its to late to see the more she pulls the tighter the ropes get. The hounds are closing in. As they surround her she screams, a guttural and animalistic sound mourning something dee
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That's the question
But isn't it always?

Or was it

Or maybe

Its the general term for the unnoticed, unnamed, and unknown
A beautiful word that can strip
                                                   And Anyone
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Are you ready?
We're going to live like we're telling the best story in the whole world
"Mommy where are we going?"
"Somewhere far, far away sweetheart."
"What about daddy?"
"Honey, daddy cant come with us. Not anymore okay?"
"Why not?"
"Ill tell you when youre a big girl kay?"
"Yeah…I promise."
Don't forget okay?
We're going to live so we can make dreams come true
"Mommy what are you doing?"
"I'm making a wish just for you."
"How do you make a wish?"
"You wish on a star cause that's where all the good things are."
"Is that where daddy is?"
"No honey, I don't know where daddy is."
"Sweetie what's wrong?"
"My tummy hurts."
Can you promise?
We're going to live just to see her smile every day
"Sweetie you gotta take your medicine."
"I don't wanna. I don't feel good."
"I know honey, I know. The medicine will make it better."
"I don't wanna it tastes bad and im sleepy."
"Ill get some juice okay that'll make it better. Don't fall asleep
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My Paper Mache Person
Living with you it felt like I could shatter at any moment. Even though I was the one who chose to stay I couldn't stand to watch you break over and over again. You were like the paper Mache people I made as a kid, too heavy to support your own weight. The funny thing is I never did learn my lesson and I would try again and again unable to make them perfect just like I could never fix you. Maybe its because we're both broken inside the same way mom was when brother never took his first breaths. It probably would have been better if we had never met. But, I wouldn't want to forget. Me and you we both filled our bodies with poison until we couldn't move surrounded by either vomit or decay. I'm not telling you this so you can forgive me. I knew what I was getting into when I made you laugh at the thought of hanging yourself with a shoelace but so did you. Go find someone who knows where to put the pieces and doesn't have to hold you up because I've already run away. I wondered if you thou
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2 AM
Innocent words whispered in the air. As if they could bring back the days of laughter and erase the past tears. We lay breathing in the snow flakes. Wishing the world was so kind as to freeze us then and there. But we know reality is just a second away. The sirens call to remind us of our crimes. We chose to burn down those frayed remnants of our past. As we run through the ever falling snow our footprints are a constant reminder that we are still alive. And we continue wishing that the others can take the pain without screaming. Where we failed the crystals lay shattered. The only ones we ever loved are shackled. Stuck living in a cold world we choose to run away from. The snow will continue falling. We hope it may come to hide our crimes and cool the pain of those left behind. Please don't forget us the cowards, the runners, and the ones who dream of innocence long lost.
:icondandiliondrifter:dandiliondrifter 1 3
The assimilation ( origional )
You stand there shaking, in the middle of a crowd. You feel like everyone is watching you, pulling you apart atom by atom. When it stops you imagine you're someone else. Perhaps the blond in the corner happily chatting up those guys or maybe you're the red head dancing with her friends. The one person who is truly watching knows what you're doing and they feel immeasurable sadness. In reality, as you build the perfect defense, you become more and more trapped within a tight nit prison. In the future while less insecure you will also be less kind, the person you once so envied. Farthest from who you once where you will look back not understanding who you where and deny her very existence. All the while that one person, the one from before, will watch as you become who you so wanted to be. You will never notice them despite how alike you were. When you choose to change, to conform, they will have chosen to stay the same. In the end, they will be all the better for it.
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Watercolor Abstract Poppy by koraykaragozler Watercolor Abstract Poppy :iconkoraykaragozler:koraykaragozler 544 7 undertale by boorim undertale :iconboorim:boorim 6,846 273 Undertale  by Ry-Spirit Undertale :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 12,576 452 UnderTale by bupiti UnderTale :iconbupiti:bupiti 6,232 757
i have heard that every woman
is either ophelia or the queen,
either too much or not enough,
either drowning or swimming, either
dying from grief of living with guilt.
but i have run past enough finish
lines in my life to know that sometimes
you give up and sometimes you keep
going until your legs hurt and your
lungs bleed.  
what i mean is that i used to forget
that there once was
a version of me that did not
know the twelve shades of blue in
your eyes or what words to use
to describe them.
what i mean is that i still catch myself
thinking about that time i saw
you singing in your kitchen with your
hair down, dancing around to the radio
in a shirt i thought i had lost months ago.
what i mean is that i’ve started
ignoring you in the hallways
because it’s less painful than looking
at you and not knowing what
to say—
our problem was always that we
had too much water, too many novels
written in the backs of our mouths,
too many bones for our skin, too many
hands cla
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 140 17
Breathe in, breathe out by agnes-cecile Breathe in, breathe out :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 2,232 52 Prism Eyes by yuumei Prism Eyes :iconyuumei:yuumei 16,268 381
a list of things colleges don't want to know
1. i have a cactus named atticus that i bought
on the day i thought i was going to die,
and i never forget to water it, not
even when i forget how it feels
to breathe without my lungs rebelling
against my brain.
2. sometimes talking feels like walking on gravel
in a Georgian summer heat.
i try to keep talking anyway,
and hope that eventually
my voice will lose its softness and grow calluses.
3. once, a man whistled at me
outside of a grocery store from
the safety of his car.
four years later, i still haven’t stopped looking
over my shoulder.
4. i drive too fast and i take turns too sharply
and i never put enough sugar
in my tea and i could probably survive
on watermelon alone. i’m left handed
and once taught myself to write only in capital
letters to piss off my seventh grade english teacher.
5. i have never felt closer to my father
than when we stayed
outside till two a.m. in november and watched
a meteor shower.
6. there are some things
i don’t think i’ll ever
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 140 17
what willy loman said
i keep trying to tell you that
the woods are burning, the ocean is flooding,
but you think it’s the summer heat
and the summer rain and you think
this is how it has to be
but it doesn’t it doesn’t
it doesn’t—
and you don’t leave
because you think we have time, but the smoke
is a noose i could hang myself with and
we got jewels and riches and coins but
we don’t got a damn second.
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 47 4
Autumn Birches by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Autumn Birches by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 891 36 Autum Breeze by yuumei Autum Breeze :iconyuumei:yuumei 25,415 687 Everything will be Okay by yuumei Everything will be Okay :iconyuumei:yuumei 21,781 448
things to take to college
1. between the two of us, we have eaten miles
of pavement, we have spent months pressing
the same four wheels into the ground.
whenever you need to, follow those tracks again.
they will lead you back home.
2. there are songs i only figured out how to sing
with you beside me. even now, the words
sound awkward in my throat.
the notes are wrong. i’m not sure what makes
something sacred, but words like that
i only know how to sing with a quiet
reverence i can’t seem to find anymore.
3. i am good at writing poems that convince
people to stay. i don’t know how to write
a poem to someone that i know is going to leave
no matter what i say.
4. you have faith in spades. and i’m not talking about
god. i’m talking about that tangible faith in
humanity, the faith that always makes you
ask me how my day was, even if the answer
is always the same.
5. to be truthful, i don’t want you to stay.
some people are made for the great unknown.
6. we have watched more sunset
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 107 12
promises by agnes-cecile promises :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 3,354 92 imaginary illness by agnes-cecile imaginary illness :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 3,711 71 Dragonfly by agnes-cecile Dragonfly :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 2,710 66



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